News Article | Dec 14, 2012 | by Eric Wright

Inspiration: Walter Payton

If you ask me who is my favorite player, I'll always say Deion Sanders, and Walter Payton.

I played running back my whole life until I got to college. I was a big Walter Payton fan, from video, because I wasn't old enough to actually see him play. But I'd go back and watch the film of guys like him and Jim Brown. I watched Barry Sanders as a young player. That was my position, period. I was a running back. When I dreamed about being in the NFL, I dreamt about being a NFL running back.

My dad was a Bears fan and a Cowboys fan. He didn't like the 49ers for whatever reason and he just rooted for whoever the Niners were playing against. But he just had these tapes that he bought me, those NFL Films "Greatest Running Backs" tapes and just going through the highlights, Walter Payton just stood out to me as a great player and a great running back.

I tried to model my game after him from a running back standpoint when I was younger. He had the ability to just run past people or run people over and to break a lot of tackles.

That's just what I wanted to be like back when I ran the ball in my younger days.

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