Best of the Corners

Deion Sanders, one of the greatest defensive backs of all-time.

I played running back my whole life until I got to college. There were a handful of schools that wanted me to play running back, another group of schools that wanted me to play DB, and then another group that wanted me to play wide receiver. Teams recruited me by saying they knew I could help them wherever I played.

But when I chose USC, that was one of those schools where I pretty much figured I was going to play DB. I was comfortable with that. At that point I was 18, and I knew I wasn't going to grow anymore or get any bigger. I was really thin, so my ideal position was cornerback. I embraced it, and I've been working on my craft since then.

As a corner, the goal is to be as effective for your defense and your team as you can as far as what they're asking you to do. Each and every defense, it could be different and it could vary. Some defenses are corner friendly, some aren't as corner friendly, but as a corner you need to have responsibility and expectation to get the ball, to shut guys down no matter what the scheme is. I look to be as effective in our defense as possible and make the plays that they ask me to make and more based on my physical ability. Hopefully that catapults me into the conversation as a solid cornerback. I don't really look toward accolades and stuff like that. That obviously is a goal, you always want to be looked at a positive way. But I don't hang my hat on that. That's not why I play the game. 

This section of my web site is devoted to the five defensive backs I admire most. They are:

Deion Sanders

Champ Bailey

Charles Woodson

Ronnie Lott

Ronde Barber


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